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Character Aspects and Environmental Effects

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1 Character Aspects and Environmental Effects on Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:31 pm


Each character has 4 different bars.

1) Health Bar: How much health the character has. This bar is depleted if the character is physically harmed, gets sick, drowns, or is starved/dehydrated.
2) Stamina Bar: How much energy the character has to perform tasks. Movement, swimming, climbing, jumping, carrying, and attacking all require stamina. Tasks become more limited depending on how much stamina you have. Stamina is also depleted if your thirst or hunger bar become low.
3) Thirst Bar: How much water your character needs. The bar depletes over time. The bar depletes faster in excessive heat.
4) Hunger bar: How much food your character needs. The bar depletes over time.

Staying in a cold environment too long without warm covering fur, clothing, or feathers, will make a character sick. Extremely cold blizzards will make characters sick even with warm covering.

Staying in hot environments too long will cause dehydration unless water is consumed frequently. Warm coverings like clothing and fur can cause thirst bar to deplete much quicker in hot environments.

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