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Sionilli Geography

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1 Sionilli Geography on Sat Jan 03, 2015 2:25 pm



This anime world is focused on Planet Earth in the city of Sionilli.  Sionilli is surrounded by forest on the North, South, and West, with the Killion Ocean to the East.  The city is made up of 15 districts which will be described below.

1. Unera
Population: 3,000
Demographics: 900 Whites (30%), 1200 Blacks (40%), 450 Hispanics (15%), 450 Others (15%)
The district of Unera takes on the appearance of a very foresty suburb.  The district is the most diverse of the southern districts and represents the real life south suburbs other than Calumet City, Dolton, and South Holland.

2. DuBach
Population: 2,000
Demographics: 1,500 Whites (75%) and 500 Others (25%)
The district of DuBach is a fairly well off district.

3. Kindoor
Population: 5,000
Demographics: 4500 Asians (90%) and 500 Other (10%)
The district of Kindoor represents the real life China town.  Kindoor is the center of martial arts, dragon magic, and is the most densely populated district in the city.

4. South Niok
Population: 10,000
Demographics: 5,000 Blacks (50%), 2,000 Whites (20%), 2,500 Hispanics (25%) and 500 Others (5%)
The district of Kindoor represents South Holland and Calumet City. South Niok is also the most populous district.

5. North Niok
Population: 7,000
Demographics: 6,000 Blacks, 500 Hispanics, and 500 Others.
The district of North Niok represents Dolton.

6. Bendinbrook
Population: 9,000
Demographics: 8,600 Blacks and 400 Others.
The district of Bendinbrook is the most impoverished and crime infested district.

7. Anaidni
Population: 7,000
Demographics: 5,000 Whites, 1,000 Blacks, 900 Hispanics, and 100 Others.
The district of Anaidni represents the state of Indiana.

8. El Oeste
Population: 9,000
Demographics: 8,000 Hispanics, 700 Whites, 200 Blacks, 100 Others.
The district of El Oeste is the only Hispanic majority district.  El Oeste actually means, "The West" in Spanish.

9. Central District
This district has absolutely zero homes.  It is full of businesses and always has people in it, but there are no permanent residents.

10. Westview
Population: 1,000
Demographics: 800 White, 100 Natives, and 100 Others
The district of Westview is the smallest but is responsible for producing most of the city's produce.

11. Brunzwick
Population: 9,000
Demographics: 7,000 Whites, 300 Blacks, 700 Asians, 1,000 Indians.
Brunzwick is the government district of Sionilli. City hall is located here and it is where the mayor resides.

12. Mayweather Park
Population: 3,000
Demographics: 2,500 Whites and 500 Others
Mayweather Park is the wealthiest of the 15 districts.

13. Delariz
Population: 5,000
Demographics: 3,000 Whites, 1,000 Indians, and 1,000 Others
Delariz is the second most wealthy district.

14. Buchan
Population: 6,000
Demographics: 7,500 Whites and 500 Others.
Buchan is a wealthy working district with the most factories in the whole city.

15. Helenshire
Population: 9,000
Demographics: 7,000 Whites, 1,000 Natives, 500 Blacks, and 500 Others.
Helenshire is a wealthy work district that gains its money through meat production, iron production, steel production, and lumber production. It has the second most factories and works closely with Buchan.

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